Today the world is booming with the internet and if anyone wants to know anything about any product the first referred is the website. Websites have become one of the very popular and important resources of any information. A website plays a huge role in promoting your business effectively. Therefore to build an eye-catching website, website design is a very important factor. Website design decides what the website will look like and what will be its functions. Hence to start designing a new site, website designing tips play an important role.
Usability aspects and functionalities also depend on good web design. Thus, web design is the essential part of site development and it should not be overlooked. To make things somewhat easier, we have for you a few website design tips and facts to create a good and attractive user-friendly website design.

1. Always bear in mind your website have to look simple and the website functionalities must be user-friendly. The visitor must not get puzzled in navigating from one page to another page. The visitor should find it very simple to move within as well as outside of your website.

2. The basic structural design of your website should be lucid and straightforward. Use basic elements and objects in the website and by no means make the site overcrowded.

3. Every web page of your website should be planned in such a way that makes them search engine friendly.

4. Flash-based graphics looks very attractive in look but it is always better to direct the use of these graphics. Using surplus flash-based graphics can create a problem in the loading of web pages.

5. The content of the website is singularly the most important factors of the website since that makes the website visitors understand what actually you want to convey. The text is the main attraction of any website. So, make use of clear fonts and keep in mind to use correct spacing between words. The content must be informative and the visitors or the users must get the information about your services easily.

6. Easy navigation from one page to other page is a very important aspect and must be taken into consideration while web designing.

7. Try to mention all your contact details on the web pages to build up trust amongst the customers. Give your email address, office phone number, company or office address etc.

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